About Tub Guitar Pickups - UK Pickup Makers

We have been playing, collecting and building guitars for many years and like many other luthiers, we followed the natural, addictive urge to produce our own pickups for the guitars we'd built. This resulted in the high quality range of guitar pickups we now offer.

We are based in Surrey, England and pride ourselves in the friendly and professional service we provide to all our clients. We love guitars and we understand them. We want you to be entirely happy with the products we offer and as a result offer a no quibble 1 month, full refund or exchange period. We also offer a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser.

We are constantly expanding our range of pickups based on new demands. We utilise different winding techniques and materials for different pickup models. Some are 'scatter wound' and others are wound with an automatic traverse winder. Some require Alnico 5 magnets for a little more substance and others the sweeter sounding Alnico 2's or 4's. We use our experience and ultimately our ears to decide what the recipe for a pickup should be.

There are many great pickup makers out there, all of whom sound a little different from each other. We are extremely pleased and excited to be throwing our hat into the ring and offering our take on what makes a guitar pickup sound great.

Image - one of our hand-built '1959 Les Paul' spec guitars at the sanding stage.